Lying down chairs – The next big thing at the office!

Lying Down Chairs – Are they the solution to our office health problems
We live in the age of macro evolutions without paying much attention to them, from the way we conduct our day to day tasks to the accessories and tools we use to aid us throughout the day. Technology has grown leaps and bounds in the past five years and so has research on the effects of using technology and lying down chairs on our life and wellbeing.

The most evolved and yet demanding place in our day to day lives is at work in the office, and one of the most heavily invested part of many industries based on making work places most efficient, welcoming and comfortable for users. These days it seems that there is an ergonomic title attached to every product you see in the market, from Office chairs and office desks to office layout and even the mice and keyboards we use so much during our work.

Damage caused to the economy
It’s been a long while since the office setup as we know it exists and ever since then innovators and researchers have been working hand to hand to make the life of us office workers easier. Said researchers have published their studies and it states that companies lose money in the form of compensation or sick pay for Musculoskeletal disorders caused by using inappropriate Office furniture and products to be a little more exact about £30 million worth of loss.

Today Ergonomic technology has worked wonders, from the most comfortable keyboards and mouse designed especially for commercial use with dedicated buttons and layout to the most comfortable Office Chairs with all the gadgets and gizmos that come with them such as lumber support and three-way adjustability of the chairs along with sit-stand Desks which allows its user to move freely during working hours and by doing so putting very little strain on the body of its users.

Time to take action
Taking responsibility towards the wellbeing of employees and encouraging efficiency as well as comfort at workplace, employers can enjoy up to 20% improved efficiency and productivity from their employees as well considerably reduced number of sick days and loss due the use of unfit furniture and equipment at work. But just like any other technological evolution the process never stops and now with the introduction of a new technology, office workers who spend long periods of time behind their desk will get to benefit more from ergonomically designed all in one solution, such as the new lying down chairs.

The Lying Down Chair is the next step in the evolution of workplace furniture and is designed to take up much less space compare to a standard cubical or a desk setup and provides much more comfort to the user. It incorporates everything that industry has learnt in terms of ergonomics required to provide the most comfortable and the least straining position to work from. Although to some it seems very exaggerated and excessive and it supports positions that may be perceived as impractical but same as all new products it needs its own evolution to be fully practical. The lying down work chairs arguably the next step of the evolution in office furniture solutions online or on the high street.