office chairs

Selecting the right office chair to circumvent painful backs!

Office chairs play an important part on your health and your work productivity. You want to ensure you remain comfortable for sitting long hours whilst ensuring your posture is correct to eradicate the negative side effects of slouching.


An adjustable natural glide mechanism allows you to position yourself where you can see your work whilst removing stress on spine and sitting bones. Some ergonomic office chairs have a recline function in their back rest to allow for reclined sitting when the hip-to-back angle is greater than 90 degrees.

Chair height

For the correct chair height suited to your body size, sit with your feet flat to the ground or to a foot rest.  Your thighs must be parallel to the ground and forearms equally parallel to the work surface.

If the seat is too high you will notice pressure on that cute area behind the knee where there is a risk of reduced blood circulation akin to sitting in an airplane seat for a long journey.

Seat Depth

The seat depth allows you to move seat back and forth to suit your leg length. If you sit too long you will tend to lean forward which causes your back to no longer be supported by the backrest creating strain on back and legs.


The armrests should act as a continual support whilst working or resting with your elbows remaining in contact with the armrest at most times to offer some sort of platform foothold. The armrests job is to provide the level of proper arm height for your working environment in consideration of body size and desk volume, ensuring the forearms are parallel to the floor when typing or using the mouse.

To know your ergonomic chairis right, your shoulders should not be hunched at any time as if you were always shrugging at your work. The armrests should offer the relaxation an expensive masseuse will inevitably have to iron out of you.

Lumbar support

Office work has a higher risk to lower back pain than a manual labor job pulling up trees. A good ergonomic chair should be your friend and act as a weightlifting belt. Lower back should sit comfortably against the lumbar support. A well positioned and comfortable office chairs with prominent support improves focus whilst supporting the natural curve of the spine, providing support in the lower back


A headrest allows the head to be supported when sitting in a reclined position in a Fabric office chairs. This is a useful feature if the majority of time is spent sitting in a reclined position for talking on the phone than typing.


Always compare the price of ergonomic office chairs by looking at online, wholesale and office furniture stores to compare prices of chairs with the features you are looking for.


Choosing the right style, colour and make of material is important as many ergonomic chairs come in different styles and materials. More modern options come as mesh back chairs, but suitably applicable options come as leather, fabric office chairs. fabric office chairs offer a better array of colour options if you have a specific office style.

When selecting the right ergonomic office chair depends on what it will be used for based on your activities in it. Observing your day in your current office chair and forming a list of main daily tasks will help you choose the perfect ergonomic office chair.