Space Planning

Many business tend to move office when they believe they have outgrown their existing space or perhaps when their current lease agreement comes to an end. When we assess their workspace we often find we can devise a space plan in their existing workspace that supports their needs now and in the future.

Our space planning process allows us to design a space which is versatile and adopts to the business’ current needs / size.

Our free office space planning process involves; understanding as to how the space is utilised and used by your workforce. We then break down your current office space usage; and look at the time spent in these areas and by which staff members. We then take into consideration your IT and communications infrastructure; getting to grips with the way your business operates, how your staff communicate and how your teams collaborate with each other.

We consider your three to five year business objectives so that our space planners can design a workspace that supports both your long term and current needs.

What are the benefits?

We create spaces that support every aspect of your business. Our office space planning process maximises all available space, reducing overheads on underused areas and allowing your business to grow without the need for relocation. We plan your office ergonomically to deliver a comfortable and productive workspace that inspires your team and creates the right first impression.